The Keller Public Library’s Genealogy collection has grown from a few titles that fit on two shelves to over 3000 titles that fill a room! The collection emphasizes Stoddard County and Missouri genealogy but has resources for over 25 additional states. In addition to books, the Keller Public Library Genealogy room has records on microfilm and microfiche. The entire collection can be searched using the Keller Public Library’s on-line catalog at

The Keller Public Library Genealogy collection highlights:

  • Stoddard County Newspapers on microfilm: Bloomfield Vindicator (1880-1920), Bernie (1913-1932), Essex Leader (1903-1920), Dexter Messenger (1917-1966),  Dexter Statesman (1910-current), and Puxico (1930-31, 1978-2000).
  • Stoddard County records on microfilm: Includes Deeds, Marriages, Wills, and Probates for selected years (see catalog for complete listing).
  • Census on microfilm: Stoddard County 1840-1930, Federal census including the 1890 Civil War Veteran’s census for Missouri, 1830-1900 Federal Census for most Missouri counties, census reels for 12 other states, and the 1790 census.
  • Stoddard County resources: There are over 80 titles on the shelves, including Cemetery books, Marriage indexes, funeral home books, Stoddard County histories, Dexter High School yearbooks 1913 – current, area phonebooks and city directories, and school records for some of the rural schools.
  • State of the art microfilm reader/printer that allows for microfilm items to be printed or sent electronically to personal email account. 

Keller Public Library Genealogy Room Policies and Fees

The Keller Public Library accepts research requests under the guidelines of the following policies:

  • Research is limited to basic searches in indexes and newspapers housed in the Keller Public Library.
  • Research requests are handled by the Stoddard County Genealogy Society.
  • Research requests will be answered in the order in which they are received.
  • Living friends or relatives cannot be located due to privacy laws.
  • The fee for basic searches is $5.00 per name.
  • For in-library research the cost of copying is $.25 per page.
  • Basic research requests should be sent to: Stoddard County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 834, Dexter, MO 63841 (Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope and the research fee. Checks should be made out to SCGS.)
  • The Keller Public Library and the Stoddard County Genealogy Society reserve the right to discontinue or disregard requests from professional genealogists, fee researchers or other individuals who attempt to use our services for monetary gain or from those who utilize these services excessively.
  • Planning a research trip to the Keller Public Library? Let us know you are coming so we can arrange for a volunteer from the SCGS to assist you.

NOTE: Requests should be specific in nature. Research is limited to basic search in indexes of newspapers. Include identifying information where possible, such as family group sheets with names, dates and locations.

Examples of acceptable requests:

  • Please check for burial information for John SMITH and his wife Jane in the Stoddard County Cemetery books. They died between 1910 and 1920.
  • Can you locate an obituary for Jane DOE? She died on 10 March 1932. (Limit obituary requests to Stoddard County and include date of death.)

Examples of unacceptable requests:

  • Please look for John Smith in Stoddard County.
  • My grandmother Mary Jones died in Stoddard County. Can you find her obituary?

The Stoddard County Genealogy Society was founded in 1979 to encourage genealogical research and the preservation of records. Volunteers from the organization aid the Keller Public Library by helping to maintain and expand the genealogy collection and by assisting with research requests.
For more information please see their website: